Put social media to work

Are your social media channels adding value to your business?

Many business owners find social media daunting, time-consuming and struggle to match the effort required to bottom line results. There are lots of different channels available, each with their own use and nuance but how do you know which is right for you and whether what you doing is working for your business?

We have listened to the 1000+ FSB members currently using FSB Business Profiling to manage their digital profile and have made a major update to the social media report. It now helps you understand your social media channels side by side so you can see how they are performing and where you could improve.

Follower strength

FSB Business Profiling can tell you how powerful your social media network is at spreading your message. This isn't just your own followers but your followers' connections too. Adding relevant and powerful followers to your network becomes far more important than just gaming the platforms and adding huge volumes of non-relevant 'fans'.


Being interesting and relevant to your audience is critical to social media success. The true value of social media to your business are people so interested in what you have to say that they tell other people. Your objective for social media should be sharing information and insight so valuable to your target audience that they are compelled to share it with other people. FSB Business Profiling helps you understand your audiences across each channel so you can focus on the right topics in the right place.

Update Frequency

Making sure your get your messages in front of your audience regularly is obvious but far too many businesses struggle to find the time to post regularly or to systemise and automate their social media updates. FSB Business Profiling monitors your post frequency to ensure you are reaching your customers at the right time across your social channels.

Facebook Reviews

Online customer reviews are becoming a more important part of doing business every day. Even if you don't actively encourage online customer feedback, chances are that people are already writing their opinion about your business online. Whether it's a Google review appearing in search or a third party review platform like Trustpilot, as a small business owner it's critical to understand what your customer are saying about you and managing that message where necessary.

Lots of FSB Business Profiling customers told us that they use Facebook to collect customer reviews so not only have we updated the social report we have also added Facebook review data to the Feedback report.

What else does FSB Business Profiling do?

FSB Business Profiling has been created to help small business owners like you take control of, understand and maximise your business's entire digital profile in one place. It allows you to bring together information from your website, your social media channels, your customer feedback plus your company financial and credit information.

Armed with this data and insight you can drive more leads and sales, create and keep happy customers and actively manage your business's financial health.

FSB member discount

FSB members enjoy 6 weeks free access to FSB Business Profiling with no credit card required PLUS get up to a £45 discount on the usual price when you choose an ongoing plan.